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​Teens Create Dreams (TCD) is an annual talent show showcasing an evening of local area talent. TCD is run by a group of high school students under the mentorship of Julie Ota and Felix Wada. Every year, our volunteer students meet throughout the summer to plan, create, and direct the annual talent show with proceeds benefiting the Sacramento Children’s Home Crisis Nursery. Our panel of local judges have the hardest job selecting winners for monetary prizes.    

In 2020, TCD was cancelled due to the COVID-19 pandemic. In 2021, the TCD leaders Bryce Takaha, Akemi Takeda, and Taryn Yee are preparing to have a virtual show on August 21, 2021. 

If you are a high school student (incoming and current) and are interested in joining TCD, complete the 2021 Board Application. Meetings will begin in May 2021.  

If you are interested in becoming a contestant or volunteer, please contact Julie Ota at teenscreatedreams@gmail.com or text questions to 916-595-5999. Follow us on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter for the latest updates.  

TCD Testimonials 2019:

Ella Carey

Hi!  My name is Ella Carey, and I’m an incoming junior at John F. Kennedy High School.  When I first joined TCD I thought it would simply be a fun, easy way to get my community service hours in with people I was familiar with at school.  My friend told me about it and it interested me enough to convince my parents to let me go.  However, I quickly came to realize that it was more than that.  I have never been the most social person around people I don’t know, and it usually takes me a long time to feel comfortable enough to speak openly around them.  But in this group, I felt like I was able to communicate my thoughts and opinions without being judged, and it’s made me feel more confident not only in this community but in many other places.  TCD has taught me time management, how to handle responsibilities given to me, and how to work together with people of all different mindsets and personalities. Although it might not be the easiest at times, I’m definitely satisfied with choosing this as a summer activity, and the people I’ve met here have helped me become a better person.

Chaison Chayy

My name is Chaison Chayy I’m going to be a senior at John F Kennedy this coming fall. I joined TCD as an incoming senior at John F. Kennedy high school. I previously attended the show as a junior supporting my cousins who were apart of the team running the show. They invited me to join summer of 2018 but I was busy with sports and as a result, couldn't be apart of TCD. But after seeing this event have a huge outcome, it inspired me to join and I realized how much fun I could have while giving back to the community. Because of the friends and family involved in TCD, it makes it more enjoyable and motivates me to work hard. Overall TCD is something I wanna do because it is great and something I definitely want to be apart of.  I feel it has helped me become a better person by opening up more and incorporating my ideas and advice on what we do for our dances and talent show ideas. It has helped me realize there are people out there who do have talent and use talent shows such as TCD to get there talents out there to be seen and realized. It’s like a stepping stone for other to do what they love such as singing or dance, etc. TCD is special because it unites kids from all different schools into one community putting on a show for others to come and join and have fun.

Carson Dorais

I am an 11th grader at John F. Kennedy High School. Teens Create Dreams has had a great impact on teenagers throughout the Asian community. It has provided a foundation for kids to display their talents while making a difference for charities and the Sacramento Asian Sports Foundation. I was first introduced to TCD by my two older brothers as they paved the way for me to make an impact for this incredible organization. Since one of my brothers was a past president, I have quickly learned how important it is to help out my community. Although my brothers influenced my decision, I truly made the decision to join TCD to provide for the charities and help out SASF, while completing my community service hours requirement. In my first couple years in TCD I thought of it as an easy way to get community service hours, but I came to the understanding that we made a difference in our community, as we overcame a difficult task by working as a hardworking group.

Allison Gee

Since this is my first year at TCD, I wasn’t sure what to expect from this organization, but by attending their annual talent shows I was able to gather that TCD consists of passionate members that come together striving to better their community and I decided to participate going into my senior year. Being able to be apart of this great organization is truly an honor because of the apparent camaraderie this group has for one another. In the short time I have been apart of TCD I have enjoyed every moment of it. The whole group was very welcoming and I felt right at home. I only wish I had been apart of TCD since freshman year so I could have developed my new friendships earlier. TCD not only offered me a way to obtain community service hours but a way to come together with amazing people to give back to our community.

Rohit Jhawar

Hello. My name is Rohit Jhawar. I have been part of TCD ever since I was a freshman, and I’m now going on my 4th year in the organization. TCD has helped me learn how to collaborate with my peers in a productive way that benefits the community, all the while having fun and making new friends. As someone who’s not very creative, especially in terms of visual and performing arts, the organization has challenged me to delve into these underdeveloped skills and work to both improve and utilize them. Yet perhaps the best part is that while helping me improve myself, the organization’s true impact comes in the form of aiding disadvantaged communities. There’s a lot of opportunities across Sacramento and the educational system in general for students to expand their horizons and open new opportunities, but very few can match the major personal and communal impact of Teens Create Dreams. Through all the friends I’ve made, experiences I’ve enjoyed, and skills I’ve developed, the organization has truly yielded huge dividends and reflected that the ultimate beneficiary of any community service is yourself.

Remy Jones

My name is Remy Jones. I am an incoming junior at Kennedy Highschool. The reason I joined SASF Teens Create Dreams is because a lot of my closest friends are in this organization and I could use it for community service. So far TCD has been nothing but great. I’ve learned to open up and share my ideas with many new people. TCD talent show is important in my opinion because it brings a community as one. Both new and old individuals would come together sharing each others stories and experiences being in the TCD family. TCD is not only important for the community, but for the participants. It helps the participants learn the basic skills of team work along with leadership. SASF Teens Create Dreams will always be a positive impact. Thank You.

Talia Medalle

Growing up in an area outside of Sacramento, TCD has given me the opportunity to meet new people and create friendships. It’s also a good way to give back to the community in a fun way. Although it’s only my first year being apart of TCD, it’s opened my eyes to expectations that may be asked for in the real world which is responsibility, cooperation, and teamwork. As an incoming sophomore at Dixon high school, this teaches me at a young age how to be a better person. As a basketball and volleyball player i’m really busy and adding TCD to the list, it forces me to stay dedicated and manage my time better. Everyone has something different to bring to the table and such a joy to be around that it’s easy to be cooperative and work as a team which gets things done faster and more efficiently. TCD gives everyone a chance to become a leader and become apart of the community. In the future I hope to be apart of this journey again because it benefits not only yourself but the people around you.

Buddy Miyao

My name is Buddy Miyao and I will be a junior at John F. Kennedy High School. I decided to become a member of SASF Teens Create Dreams this year because I have been previously involved in this non-profit organization 2 years ago. I have multiple friends that I have known for a long time that are in TCD, which is one of the reasons why I originally decided to join. Along with that, I have always wanted to know what it was like backstage of the amazing shows since I was fortunate enough to be able to see previous ones a few years before I was able to become a member. Joining SASF Teens Create Dreams has been an eye-opening experience for me as a whole. I was able to understand that SASF Teens Create Dreams is more than just a talent show; it is an organization that helps bring its members together, which is all of us teenagers. SASF Teens Create Dreams is something that positively affects the greater Sacramento area, and I would like to help it continue growing into something larger than that.

Paige Onodera

My name is Paige Onodera and I’m an incoming senior at Kennedy High School. Teens Create Dreams (TCD) is a non profit organization that gives back to the Sacramento area. I remember watching TCD shows when I was younger, and eventually Auntie Julie had influenced me to join. I always thought it was just a plain old talent show, but it's much more than that. The hard work, dedication, along with many embarrassing memories behind the scenes, is what makes TCD much more than what's presented. As this is my third year being a TCD member, it has brought me out of my shell and definitely out of my comfort zone. I've made lifelong friends, and learned how to work as a team but have fun at the same time. There’s many long hours and hard work, but knowing that it helps and serves the community makes it worthwhile. I encourage all middle and high school students to join to share the same experience. Thank you to all the advisors, especially Auntie Julie and Uncle Fe for letting me be a part of the TCD family.

 Riley Onodera 

As an experienced, 3-year veteran of Teens Create Dreams, I have met many new people and grew greatly as an individual throughout the course of my journey with the organization. As an initial way to get community service, TCD has become much more. I came to realize it’s more about bonding with people within the community and learning about each other. Each year, new sets of board members join and are unfamiliar with others. However, by the end of it all, we all have learned to cooperate and work together to make each show spectacular. We are, and have always been, a committed group of young teenagers who are dedicated to helping others, and spread love throughout the community. This is what makes me proud to say I am a member of Teens Create Dreams.​

Isabella Paragas

As a first year board member of Teens Create Dreams, I originally was worried about my lack of experience and expertise in creating an entire show and event for people to enjoy. I had just decided to join in order to keep myself busy over the summer, right? However, from the moment I stepped into my first meeting, I realized how quickly I felt that I belonged in this new group of people I had only known for 5 minutes. The experience of working with fellow board members of TCD is so welcoming and supportive, and the team dynamic is very strong within the entire group of teens. We all have different skill sets, and each one of us uses our knowledge and expertise to work together to reach a common goal: to give back to the community. The unsung benefits that TCD gives to us teenagers, such as learning how to communicate, helping others in our community to succeed, and creating a positive environment for teenagers to thrive in, inspires me to support many more organizations like these, and possibly start one of my own in the future. This opportunity to cultivate the next generation and their leadership skills is something that should be accessible to more and more people. TCD is an astounding example of an organization that keeps the planet spinning. 

Baylee Phang

My name is Baylee Phang, I will be a senior at John F Kennedy this Fall. I am the Co-president alongside Nicole Fong and Riley Onodera. We are working together this summer to create a successful SASF talent show. Only one year ago I was placed to be the leader of hype team with my cousin Madison and create a dance for last year talent show. This show is very important to me because I’m now leading this show with a great group of people. This talent show will help SASF by showing the younger generation about teamwork and responsibilities. 

Bryce Takaha

Before joining TCD, I was a shy and timid kid who wanted to give back to the community. TCD was perfect for me because the people in it are all in highschool and many of them go to my school. Being in TCD for these past two summers has taught me how a small group of young people can create something that can contribute to the community in many ways. TCD has helped me somewhat break out of my shell along with many other teens. It also gives high schoolers the chance to show that young kids can do bigger things. Along these two summers, I have built many connections and strengthened the ones I already had. TCD is a safe place to break out of our shells and grow. TCD has given me and many other high schoolers a chance to give back to the community.

Tyler Takaha
I originally did TCD as a way to get hours for my school programs, but ended up being fun, because I had so many friends in it. I also did TCD because a lot of my friends decided to do it. It also helped create new connections and new friends with others who have joined that I have not met before. It also allowed me to become closer to friends I already had by seeing them once to twice a week. It also allows me to give back to the community by donating money to charities. I have been apart of TCD for almost 4 years now and it has been very beneficial giving me something to do over summer break. TCD allows a group of teenagers to work together and achieve something great and give back to their communities.

Akemi Takeda

Hey, my name is Akemi Takeda. I am currently attending John F. Kennedy High School as a sophomore. This is my first year in SASF’s “Teens Create Dreams” (TCD). TCD is an organization mostly run by teenagers. Every year we host a talent show where people in our local community are given an opportunity to show off their skills. The money we raise by hosting this event goes to nonprofit organizations such as The Sac Children’s Home Crisis Nursery and Habitat for Humanity. By having teenagers run this kind of event, it helps them learn responsibilities, working together, helping others, and how to give back to their community. I chose to join TCD because I wanted to find a new way to give back to my community where I can also interact with people my age. While being apart of this organization, not only am I making new friends, but also benefiting the public. With today’s issues, it is especially significant to get teenagers like us involved with our people to help make this world a better place. This is why I am proud to be apart of “Teens Create Dreams”.

Ethan Vue

My name is Ethan Mong Vue, and I am a guy who likes to have fun, while I also aspire to help my community and make an impact on it. I want to become a role model for younger people so that I can guide them into the right path. I wanted to join tcd because I wanted to better my skills in communicating and working with other people. I joined in hopes of making relationships with all types of people. My hobbies are playing volleyball and swimming in pools. I also am a great leader and have great humility when it comes to getting the biggest awards that I get with my talents.

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