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Sports for Life

SASF Sports for Life is a program dedicated to special needs individuals, age 10 and up, by providing them an environment to participate in a variety of organized sporting activities and sessions. The program not only provides a great source of exercise, but also supports individuals in creating positive relationships with peers. Our goal is to create a safe and supportive environment for all our participants as they learn to work as a team and challenge themselves as athletes! Through our short time together, prior to COVID 19 pandemic, we have witnessed our participants grow comfortable with staff, coaches, teammates, and themselves! One individual in particular began the experience with a tremendous amount of hesitation and unwillingness; however after becoming more comfortable, he was seen laughing and participating fully in the activities. This is what we hope for our participants, to feel free to express themselves and have fun! Although we cannot currently hold Sports for Life sessions in person, the program has continued virtually via on-demand Youtube videos that can be found at https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC0Ky0CIVKScDi-4_xpTowbA

In the words of our participants themselves:

“Sports for Life is a place to see friends and make new ones!”
“I feel strong and fit because of SASF” 
“I love Sports for Life because you don’t feel different from everyone else” 

​A Sports for Life parent praised the benefits of the program, “Sports for Life is such a great program for my son, Anthony! He loves new experiences, developing new friendships & the new sports he has learned through this great program.”