Attention Parents & Coaches
This event is designed for all ages. EncoreBasketballTraining and SASF want all participants to have a positive and fun experience at this event.
Inappropriate language and/or behavior directed at players, officials, or event staff will not be tolerated. If an incident occurs, depending on the severity, the individual may be given a warning or may be asked to leave the event venue.
We appreciate your cooperation in helping to make this a positive and successful event.

Player Eligibility
1. Each team can have no more than four players on their roster and they must be registered prior to the start of competition.
2. Players may only appear on one team roster. Players appearing on more than one roster will be disqualified for that tournament.
3. Identification for each player (birth certificate, driver’s license, photo ID, etc...) will be required at registration to verify identity. ID bracelets will be issued at that time and must be worn at all times to participate.
4. Discovery at any time after registration that a player has falsified information on the team registration, will result in the player being disqualified from participation in the tournament and may disqualify the team the player in question was playing for.
5. Players should register for gameplay based on the grade they will be entering in the Fall.

Player Substitution
1. Player substitutions will be made at 4mins and 8min and the last 2mins of every game.

1. All games may start and be completed with any number of players (4,3,2,1).
2. Teams will warm up at the same time prior to the game on the same basket.
3. Only teams scheduled to play are allowed to occupy the court at the scheduled time.
4. Teams must be at their court at the scheduled time. Final point of reference for scheduling will
be the Bracket Area.
5. All teams are guaranteed a minimum of 3 games. 1 game in pool play and 2 games in
bracket play. Bracket play seeds are determined by pool play record with point
differential being the tiebreaker.
6. There is a loser’s bracket at any point your teams loses a game you will enter the losers and have no chance at winning the prize of $200

1. Each team is allowed one time-out per game.
2. Players may substitute during any dead ball.
3. At the discretion of court official, play may be stopped for and injury. This would be considered
an official’s timeout. Injured player would need to sit out until the next dead ball.

Live Ball/Dead Ball Possession
1. Coin flip will determine who gets the ball to start the game off.
2. Ball will change possession after each scored basket.
3. Jump balls will be called by the court official and will go to the defense. (No alternating possession)
4. The ball must be checked by an opposing player before it is put in play. The player must pass the ball in while standing out of bounds at the top of the court to begin play.
5. All out-of-bounds, fouls, and violations will be taken at the top of the court.
6. The ball must be “taken back” to the marked line on the court on every change of possession.

1. A field goal is worth 1 point.
2. A field goal from behind the 3 point line is worth 2 points.
3. Games will be played to 15, teams must win by 2. Max= 20 points
4. Games will have a 15 minute maximum time limit.
5. The team leading at the end of 15 minutes will be declared the winner.
6. If score is tied after 15 minutes, a sudden death FT round (tops) will take place to determine winner.

Free Throws
1. All non-shooting fouls will be taken out of bounds.
2. When fouled and shooter makes the basket offense gets the 2 points.
3. When fouled and shooter misses the shot offense retains possession.

Other Important Rules
1. Any player who is bleeding or has blood on skin or uniform must leave the game for appropriate treatment. The player may not return until the bleeding has been stopped and covered with medical dressing and uniform is void of blood.
2. Jewelry, hats, bandanas, and/or casts are not allowed to be worn during games. Any player refusing to remove such items will not be allowed to play.

EncoreBasketballTraining 3 on 3 Basketball Tournament Rules and Regulations
• Identification is required at registration. ID must be in a form that contains a birthdate.

• Every player must sign a liability waiver. Participants 17 and under must have a parent sign their liability waiver before competing.

• Registration will be by Grade/Age Division.
• 1st place teams will receive $200 Cash Encore Basketball Training T-Shirt and Tournament Certificate.
• 2nd place teams will receive Tournament Certificate and EncoreBasketballTraining T-Shirt


Food and Snack are permitted for players (No Soakable fruit) 
Factory sealed water, factory sealed sports drinks and empty plastic water bottles are permitted for players
NO Glass or metal water bottles


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